Friday, January 15, 2010

dirty laundry

Since I spent yesterday's post bragging about my incredibly impressive ability to weigh things, I thought I would come clean about something we've not been so great about lately. Things have been so busy that I've been letting the clean laundry pile up in laundry baskets. Long gone are the days of folding stuff fresh out of the dryer and putting it away. Sigh.

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alan said...

Er, I can think of a plot for Legion of Superheroes where,,... nah, I'm not gonna be able to make that work

I'm similar, only my problem is I have a wash drying on a clothes horse, which then basically functions as my wardrobe for the week: I just pluck a clean shirt off it and rarely put the whole lot away. Better that way, as they're less crumpled than if I were to stuff them into inadequate drawer space. And ironing? Fo'ged-aba'did (er that's 'forget about it' in a Stallone type voice...)