Monday, December 21, 2009

someone's getting coal this year

Christmas is shaping up to be Scout's favorite time of year! There's wrapping paper to lie on, ribbons to chew, Christmas trees to sniff and ornaments to bat. Our living room is a cornucopia of kitty amusements and she is loving every minute of it!

Today is my last day at work (lucky me!) until after the New Year so posting might be kinda light until then. I'll try and find a few notes I didn't get posted earlier this year and get them up here. In the meantime, I'll be spending some of my break putting together Chris's 2010 Sketchbook and a fourth volume of Lunchnotes. If you have a favorite lunchnote or sketch from this year - let me know so I can try and include it!


alan said...

Have a great holiday!!
Some of my faves:
Broccoli Girl, Nov 09
Put an Axe in it, Dickface, Oct 27
Modelling, Sept 25
NSFW, Aug 27
The one That Got Away, Aug 18
Team Samnee, Aug 09 [The Cover, surely!]

folkes said...

There were way too many good ones
some of my favorites include:
Kitty Cat alarm clock
Hobo kitty
Lego Champs/lego lunchnotes
I hope you include the nightcrawler sketch from a couple of weeks ago in Chris' new sketchbook.
Can't wait to see both new volumes!
Merry Christmas and i hope Santa spoils You,Chris and Scout!!!

Eric! said...

Have a fantastic Christmas and a safe and festive New Year. LOVE Lunch Notes and looking forward to more in the future.