Thursday, December 03, 2009

GOOD morning!!!!

This alarm was an early Christmas present from Chris. I set it up last night with my doubts, but sure enough I woke up (on time) feeling GREAT this morning! My favorite part are the windchime noises that kick in once it has finished lighting up your room. I actually SMILED when they went off this morning. I SMILED AT MY ALARM CLOCK!!! Whaaaaa? So far, it's been worth every penny!

Chris, on the other hand, burrowed himself into my back to try and shield himself from the light and later told me that the windchime noises made him want to hit something. Hahahaha. Maybe it's not for everyone! :)

1 comment:

alan said...

This actually sounds pretty tempting, despite the hubbie's scepticism.
Shame you can't download a new 'chime' - theme from WonderWoman or Spiderman? The WW theme would get me up and spinning to the bathroom