Tuesday, November 03, 2009

two seconds

In reality, this took about two minutes. You would be doubly impressed if you knew how little sleep Chris had when he drew this. It's shaping up to be another horrible week (month?) in terms of deadline. I anticipate sprouting my first gray hair any day now, with all this worrying about Chris going on.


TheFrogBag said...

So being married to an illustrator is what gives me gray hair? Good to know! And good luck with the deadlines, they have been out of control around these parts too!

alan said...

On the plus side, the dude can knock out a Marvel Adventures Vision cover that needs a health warning on it saying 'may seriously damage your ass' (y'know, because it kicks it) :)

laura said...

Lol Alan! Thanks guys! :) And good luck with those deadlines at your house, Corinna!