Tuesday, October 27, 2009

warning! contains crude language!

This is normally not the kind of lunchnote I would post, but I'm feelin' kinda sassy today, so what the hell. The top note is inspired by the type of nonsensical catch-phrases I was coming up with late last night before bed. Why? Who knows. I'm sure when Chris drew this he didn't think I would post it, which is why he made a second note.

Either way, the truth is I like to use cuss words, a lot. It probably stems from going up in a house where these words were not used AT ALL. While I still won't break out the "f" word in front of my parents, anytime I use any of the lesser swear words my dad STILL says "Laura, young ladies don't use that kind of language". Awesome.


alan said...

I LOVE "Put an axe in it" "Dickface" rounds it off nicely. Very Shane Black: Like something maybe Geena Davis might have said in Long Kiss Goodnight :)

laura said...

Alan, you have no idea how I highly I will hold that compliment. I LOVE Shane Black. I can watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang over and over and over like a four year old. :)

Sarena Shasteen said...

I cuss like a sailor...because I know I can!

Eric! said...

I'm gonna tell...I don't know who, but I'm gonna.