Wednesday, October 14, 2009


When I lived in Montana, my bff/roommate Alison and I would wait until we could no longer bear the cold to put on the heat in our apartment. I think we lasted until sometime in mid-November (which is COLD in Montana) until we had to turn it on. It was partly a game to test our toughness and partly to cut back on utility bills so we could buy more beer (sorry Mom & Dad!).

Nowadays, Chris and I do the same thing (athough not for beer money) so it was pretty chilly in our house last night because there is no way that I am turning the heat on in October.
Unless we can see our breath. Then I'll cave. :)

P.S. Remember to come back Friday for a contest announcement both here and on Chris's blog. We've got something fun planned for you guys!


Raphael J. said...

Man, you'd think I'm a big old whimp. It was like 59 degrees in my apartment when I called my landlord and ordered him to turn on the heat.

Do I get any dignity back for not actually having to pay for my heat?

laura said...

Haha! When the heat is on we keep it just over 60. I thought you New Yorkers were tough! :)