Thursday, September 10, 2009

highs and lows of my day yesterday

Yesterday was supposed to be BEST DAY EVER due the the release of the much anticipated Beatles Rock Band. This game combines two of my favorite things - playing video game guitar and, of course, The Beatles. So it obviously was going to be an awesome day. Then other stuff started happening and it turned into a strange emotional roller coaster day. I'll recap it for you.

DC Restructures to become DC Entertainment - low or at least anxiety-causing
Beatles Rock Band - HIGH
Emergency Dentist Appointment that involves drilling - low and ouch
President's speech on Health Care Reform - HIGH
Jackass Congressman yelling "you lie!" - low and tacky
Glee Premier - meh
Ellen DeGeneres as new Idol Judge - HIGH

Clearly, this day took it's emotional toll on me. And I'm only kinda kidding.

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alan said...

Never mind DC, what about Marvel and Disney?...
I am SOOO willing Oba-Wan on with the Health Reform. Especially in the face of all the misinformation about 'death panels' and how crap the Brit NHS allegedly is...
I rockin' out with the Beatles in a major way after putting a load of albums on my phone... the guitar on Paperback Writer - awesome