Monday, August 17, 2009


Chris and I are very seriously entertaining the idea of moving to the west coast in the next year or so. So, being the ultimate planner, I've started thinking about the hows of moving (almost) cross country. Right now that plan involves selling a lot of our stuff (no comics though!) and taking as little with us as possible. I am all for that plan, as I feel we're too weighed down by our junk anyways. The only part that is stressing me out (already!) is how to move Scout. I hate the idea of having her in a car for three days and I would never, ever put her in the cargo of an airplane. This looks like a good solution, but alas they don't yet fly to any of the cities we're thinking of moving to. Maybe they will in a year?


alan said...

Pet planes, how cool is that. Shame there were no pictures of the inside. I can't shake the image Chris has created but... surely not! ;-)

Momar Van Der Camp said...

The west coast? Big timing. We'd miss you at the KC conventions, that's for sure.

laura said...

Alan - I wish they had pictures on the website. I'm curious what it looks like, although anything that didn't resemble Chris's drawing would be a disappointment! :)

Momar - Yeah, we'll miss KC shows too. Not completely ruling them out if we move, but it wouldn't be very likely.

folkes said...

Me and Leah say NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!
well if you two promise to do heroes con,i guess it could be ok!

North Carolina is a great place to live,nudge,nudge...if your simple folk like myself and Leah :)

Or should i have said simple folkes, waka waka waka

laura said...

Jason - We have no plans to stop coming to Heroes! Not with all the fantastic NC people we know! :)

monkey said...

Can't you just put her in a kennel and buy her a seat on the plane next to, say, a loving relative who's flying out to meet you? :)