Monday, July 20, 2009


Much to Chris's dismay, I am the queen of house projects. I promised him that this past weekend was going to be free of projects and all about the relaxing since his work schedule has calmed down.

Well, I am a big fat liar folks! I had every intention of having a nice relaxing weekend but then I had to get the new trim painted in the downstairs bath and the weather was perfect for replacing the rotted wood around our patio with stone and well, if Chris had a few days off, shouldn't he really tackle the giant aneurysm-inducing clutter-filled wreck that he's been calling his studio?

So yeah, if Chris ever leaves me it will be because I said "I didn't think it was going to be this big of a project" one too many times!

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Brian Jones said...

My wife's the same way, lets just say this weekend invoved me renting a chainsaw (which I've NEVER used before) from Home Depot...Fun stuff...and as I'm decked out in all the saftey gear working on a tree stump she's snapping pictures to show my mom...her son the lumberjack.