Wednesday, July 01, 2009

packing materials

I really need to stop leaving packing materials in the living room, because I just don't have the heart to take them away from Scout. Between the cardboard box and packing paper, it's like a kitty Disneyworld in there.


Scotty Don't said...

I have this terrible habit to tear the packaging off of water bottles and whatnot and I have found that I have to break that habit because if I leave the plastic wrapping of a bottle of SoBe Lifewater anywhere in my house my cat will find it and hide it and wait until I am asleep to start chewing on it ... which makes the most eerie and unsettling noise ... and I don't understand it at all because she has food ... she just must not like me to be asleep.

laura said...

Yeah, I don't think cats like it when you are asleep and they are not. :) Scout is a master of finding tiny pieces of plastic or whatnot laying around. It's pretty annoying, but at least she's not smart enough to hide it for later. She's an instant gratification kind of cat. :)