Tuesday, May 19, 2009

post-vacation breakdown

We spent most of last week on vacation in Minneapolis which means that the week prior to vacation Chris worked almost non-stop. It also means that this week he will work non-stop and be lucky to grab two or three hours of sleep a night. Hence, this lunch note.

Being a freelance artist definitely comes with a wealth of benefits but one serious drawback is that it becomes nearly impossible to take a vacation. Or at least plan one. This was our first non-comics related trip EVER in our almost seven years together. And it may very well be another seven years before we take another because I really hate watching Chris push himself so hard. So if you see Chris this week, be nice. He's working even harder than usual.


Sarena Shasteen said...

I could not understand this lunch note more!!! We have not been on a non work vacation yet! Hopefully next year for out 15th anniversary.

alan said...

That's rough. Hope you enjoyed the vacation. Hope Chris catches up and gets some rest soon

laura said...

Sarena - I know you feel my pain! I hope you guys get a chance to take a vacation one of these days. Also, 15th anniversary??? Did you guys get married when you were 12?

Alan - Thanks!