Tuesday, May 05, 2009

on being a comic book wife and how awesome you guys are

This past weekend we went out to Greensboro, NC for the Free Comic Book Day event at Acme Comics.  Our experience there - getting to meet the employees, customers and other pros reminded me of everything I love about being a comic book wife.  We have met the most amazingly wonderful people (pros and fans alike) through Chris's career in comics.  Sometimes it's just a handshake and a few quick words.  Other times genuine friendships have been born.  In every way our lives are richer because of all the people we've met who have responded so positively to what Chris is doing.  So before I get all weepy and babble on about how much you guys mean to us, I'll just leave it as a very heartfelt thank you.  And a specific thank you to Stephen and Jermaine at Acme for making Chris feel like a superstar and making me feel completely welcome and not at all like a third wheel.  Anytime you want us back, we will be there!     


erica said...

It was great seeing you and Chris again, Laura! Lots of fun the whole day and (especially the) NIGHT!

Hopefully you guys coming out can be a yearly thing but in the meantime, I'll see you at Heroes Con!

monkey said...

not to split hairs, but as i recall, we were cashier buddies first, and mr. surlypants only got thrown into the mix when his heart went all blubbery for bulu cloud.

omg, i just had i crystal clear memory of one of your first days when the boys in the cafe caught wind that there was a cute new employee and chris made this ridiculous circle from the cafe down around the queue line and back to the cafe to check you out. hahahahahahha. ken must've done it too, but i just remember chris cuz i was so thrown by it cuz chris didn't like to mingle on the floor so much lest he bump into a customer.

yich. customers.

:) awwww, i miss you guys so much.

laura said...

Erica - it was so much fun hanging out with you on Saturday night! Thanks for getting us the invite! :)

Heather - aww, you know I love you (and all my borders pals)! and your comment made me smile from ear to ear. That was our "love at first sight" moment. It's so wierd that you remember that. But I guess you got to experienc most of our googly-eyes and swooning first hand! :)

monkey said...

"got to" .. yeah, that's it.

speaking of missing your wedding (yes, i know everyone did), i can't remember if i ever played you the other laura-inspired tune. hm.

laura said...

hahaha. aww, you know we were fun to be around! :) I don't know of another song I inspired. You should record them so I can listen!