Tuesday, May 12, 2009

holy ants batman!

Not sure what happened, but a couple of weeks back we had a huge ant problem in the kitchen. Thankfully, they're gone, but I think Chris did feel like this at one point!


alan said...

Brrr and 'ick'. I was on a farm in France when I was a teen; came back one evening to see a column trooping from the doorway of the flat to under the stove. I freaked and tried to desperately brush sweep them all out. Not entirely successful so spent the night afraid of being 'samnee'd' in my bed. But they were ok in their little column until we could get stuff put down in the doorway
Oh and , brrrr

folkes said...

lol...Kinda reminds me of "pigpen" from the charlie brown/peanuts cartoons.

Me and my girlfriend love us some Lunchnotes...we missed you at Acme's free comic book day but i was really stoked to shake chris's hand! you two have the best blogs!
Mine and my girlfriend's personal favorite lunchnote: Kitty cat alarm clock!!!

laura said...

alan - is there any worse feeling than the paranoia that bugs are crawling on you? Shudder!

folkes - thanks so much! glad you guys like lunchnotes! :)

Scotty Don't said...

Ants on human beings en masse frightens me a great deal