Thursday, April 16, 2009

waking up

There are a few things I am really, really bad at. Getting out of bed for work in the morning is one of them. Also, getting popcorn in my mouth (instead of all over myself and the floor) at the movie theater and putting away my shoes.


alan said...

When the sun's shining through the window, I'm not bad (here comes the science-bit: I think the light hits the retina and stimulates the release of some wake-up chemicals or something) but when it's dark in the mornings, in winter, getting up can be grim.
With popcorn, my problem is I tilt the box and rummage down to get the big corns and this causes overflow, which I don't notice in the dark until I look down and my front and the floor is covered. :)

laura said...

I subscribe to the light through the window thing. Unfortunately, no matter the season, I always rise for work pre-dawn. So I get no help in the warmer months.

And my problem with the popcorn is that my motor skills are only slightly more developed than the average two year old. :)