Thursday, April 30, 2009


The bunnies are back! And Scout is having herself a good old tail-twitchin' time watching them!


Scotty Don't said...

that reminds me of when a bird got into my house and my cat Celia started staring at it flying around ... it ran into a wall and fell on the ground and Celia ran over, licked it twice, and then casually walked away.

Sarena Shasteen said...

Our bunny is back this year too and we have not even planted the goods outside! He and Tony had a stare down the other night.

laura said...

Scott - I have a feeling Scout would react the same way if she were ever to get her paws on one of the birds. Although she loves to play with spiders. :)

Sarena - Our garden is a week old and I have already lost two of my broccoli plants to those "adorable" bunnies! Oooooo, I'm so mad at them! Does the stare down work? We may have to start our own.