Thursday, February 12, 2009

snow day!

Sooooo, we finally got the snow I'd been hoping for which meant that because roads were pretty bad I got to take two snow days off work. Weeeeee! But instead of doing all the things I should have, like get Chris's receipts together for tax time, I spent my day stimulating the economy by shopping online at Etsy pretty much all day. Am I a patriot or what? I did it for you America!

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Jen aka Jewbacca said...


thanks for visiting my blog. i LOVE this blog. how awesome. your spouse rocks and it sounds like y'all have the same kind of relationship that we do. my favorite lunch note is the cat butthole one. i also think it is most excellent that you are a fellow aquarian.

i keep three blogs, the third one is private, but since you like sarah silverman, i think you could handle it. if you want to be added on, send me an e-mail to

big fat lunchbox hugs,