Tuesday, November 25, 2008

someone please help us stop the madness

So you know how in most relationships one person kinda keeps the other person from going off the deep end? Like occasionally, Spouse 1 will say to Spouse 2 "Maybe you've bought enough socks this month"? or Spouse 2 will say to Spouse 1 "Maybe you don't need to eat that entire bag of Reese's cups in one day"? Well normally Chris and I have that . . . except when it comes to buying DVDs.

Although we have really cut back on our consumerism this year, we are still crazed junkies for DVDs. And instead of Spouse 1 saying to Spouse 2, "You know, I don't think we need to buy another 20* DVDs when we have so many we haven't opened and watched yet", Spouse 1 says "Let's buy this movie we've never seen because it's only $5.99" and Spouse 2 says "Awesome idea! Let's get the three sequels while we're at it!" Which leads to several months a year (**cough** Deep Discount Sales, Black Friday **cough**) where we will buy so many DVDs that it's embarrassing to count them all.

*I wish this were some sort of exaggerated number like "I have 1000 things to do today" but it's not. Is there any other way to buy DVDs than in multiples of 10?


Brian Jones said...

I drive my wife nuts with that...she tells me "You dont watch the DVD's you have!" and I tell her but I'm going to. :) It also would help if she liked the movies I feel the urge to buy, at least you guys have that.
Godzilla anyone?

laura said...

Brian, You're lucky you have a voice of reason in your house! I think Chris and I need a sponsor we can call when we're feeling overly DVD spendy!