Wednesday, November 05, 2008

letter to sign stealer

dear person that stole my Obama yard sign,

i'm writing to thank you for sealing my yard sign three weeks ago.  if you hadn't stolen my yard sign, I wouldn't have visited one of our local Obama campaign offices to get a new one.  if i hadn't visited the office, i wouldn't have been asked to volunteer for the campaign.  but since you did steal my sign, and i did start volunteering for Obama, I got to have one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life these last three weeks.  

i've spent time calling folks and knocking on doors (a lot of doors) these last three weeks and met some of the most dedicated, intelligent and passionate people you could ever wish to meet who worked tirelessly for Obama.  I am incredibly proud to be a teeny, tiny part of that effort and resolve to never sit on the sidelines of democracy again.  

so thank you sign stealer, and also SUCK IT BITCHES 'CAUSE WE WON!!!!



Brian Jones said...

LMAO at that last line..great posting!

Sarena Shasteen said...

I loved this post! Good for you getting involved!
I thought about you when I made that soup. I was so jealous of your garden this year! I have high hopes for growing some good stuff here next year!

laura said...

Thanks Brian! I seriously can't stop gushing about how much fun it was to volunteer for the campaign. I'm actually suffering from a bit of election withdrawl right now!

Sarena - there's no need to be jealous! It turns out I really can't grow much besides tomatoes and zucchini. So keep those tomato and zucchini recipes coming! :)

alan said...

Congrats. and gratitude for your efforts. We here in the UK are lovin' Obama. Fantastic news when he got in. 2009 is gonna be very exciting.