Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Recently I came across my old journals from High School (cringe) and apparently for about six days I was really keen on keeping tabs of THINGS I WAS GRATEFUL FOR. I'm sure I got this idea from Oprah and I was so serious about it that I dedicated an entire "Gratitude Journal" to it. For six days. Which, if you knew me in high school, it's kinda remarkable that I was actually grateful for anything for that long because I was generally a big sarcastic pain-in-the-ass to be around.

So while I won't embarrass (or incriminate) myself by listing the things that made my heart swell with gratitude when I was seventeen, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'll write what I'm most grateful for this year.

Healthy parents and parents-in-law, not having credit card debt, my tiny fuel-efficient car, happy cat Scout that keeps us laughing, vegan bloggers, Chris's continued employment, my ipod touch (seriously - it's waaaay awesome), being able to say President Obama in just a few short months, being more than halfway done with my graduate degree, and always, always I am most grateful for Chris and his constant love.

Hope you all have some thing to be grateful for this year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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monkey said...

you *were* a "big sarcastic pain-in-the-ass?"