Monday, July 14, 2008

singstar chris


Travis said...

forget Singstar, you two need Rock Band!!!


laura said...

I totally agree with you! I'm dying to get Rock Band but I don't want to get it for wii because it doesn't support downloadable content. The only other system we have is a PS2 and that has the same problem. I'm on the fence about getting an x-box 360 cause that's still a lot of money even with the price cut and I think the only game we would buy is Rock Band. Any advice?

Travis said...

First off, I couldn't find your email address on here, so I apologize for taking up most of this space in long weblinks. (that I hope you'll be able to copy and paste...)

I'm kind of a Sony fanboy, so I'm biased on what "advice" I give.

For me, even though it's a ton of $$$, I'd go buy a PS3. Even worse, I'm suggesting you go buy a 60gb or an 80gb model. (They can go for $475-$499 used online at Amazon)

Sure they're pricier than the 40gb version, but they come with the backwards-compatibility for all of your PS2 games you currently own. Plus, they both feature built-in WiFi, so it's able to connect to the internet right from the box.

The reason I like the PS3 over something like the XBox360 is because of games like this:

That's LittleBigPLanet and the 360 has nothing, NOTHING even close to the awesomeness that it provides. Imagine what incredible levels your hubby can create using that engine!

But, if you feel like the "next gen" systems is too much for some simple Rock Band action, you could always just buy the PS2 version. While it's true, you'd be lacking the "Downloadable weekly content" they do offer "Track-packs" that collect 20 or so songs for a discounted price on a separate disc. Although you might just wait until Rock Band 2 comes out later this year. That setlist puts the RB1 one to shame!

Your final option is just to move to the *better* side of Missouri and come play our version for free!