Friday, June 13, 2008

just . . . trying . . .to . . .make . . . it . . . through . . . this . . . week

This week has really kicked my ass. I would say I'm looking forward to this weekend, but alas it is filled with many things to do as well. I am excited about the new basement carpet that will be installed on Monday. And Heroes Con next weekend! I think the trip to Charlotte will be the closest thing I get to a vacation anytime soon. And I am so sleeping in and ordering room service while we're there. I'm seriously angling for a very nice espresso machine for an anniversary present next month. If only I can sell Chris on buying the machine, making me lattes every morning and then training the cat to bring them to me . . .
Charlie (our goldfish) passed away last week. We had him for almost three years and I genuinely enjoyed seeing him every morning on my dresser. We've decided to hold off on anymore goldfish because of our furry little predator in the house (even though she was perfect with Charlie - never seemed very interested). I would like a turtle or a puppy but Chris squashed both of those ideas.
I feel like this too, only instead of a gun totin' cowboy it's my ginormous to-do list yelling at me.

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m said...

you, lady, are awesomesauce.

had a great time talking with you as well, hope you guys had a good trip home.

chicago a go-go!!!