Monday, August 13, 2007

another weekend, another comic book convention

So this past weekend Chris and I were in Chicago for Wizard World and I am happy to report that it is our last big con until next summer. In the past two months we've driven approx. 8000 miles and through the states of North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Yikes! We've had a great time at all the shows we've been to and met some wonderful folks from all around the country. I can honestly say that Chris has the very nicest fans and it is a true joy to hear from complete strangers how much they enjoy his work. Life now returns to normal with school starting next week . . . yay!

Monday, August 06, 2007

road warriors! part 3

Day 12 - Saguaro National Park - Yay Cacti!!!

Arizona - Sonora Desert Museum

Day 13 - Where else? Roswell, baby!

We had way too much fun here. If you're ever in Roswell go down the street from the UFO Museum to this little gift shop with "Area 51". We paid four dollars to go into this nasty dark room with all these photo ops set up. Easily the best $4 we spent on the trip (the best $10 we spent? Bedrock City)

Route 66 Museum - Elk City, OK - We arrived too late for the inside of the museum, but the outside was really cool.

Still at the Route 66 Museum (one of several we visited). This picture was at the (almost) end of a really long day and it totally cracks me up.

Day 14 - Worlds Largest Totem Pole - Oklahoma

Who knew? Seriously this stop was in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma but great even though we were chased around (in a friendly way) by some tick infested dogs.

road warriors! part 2

Day 4 - Sunrise at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Shorty after sunrise and before the coffee!

Days 5 & 6 - Grand Canyon South Rim

Day 6 - Random bits of Arizona

Bedrock City - I think we took more pictures here than at the Grand Canyon!

Montezuma's Castle - it was so hot here, but definitely worth the detour.

Look Ma! It's a huge cactus. I had never seen a real cactus before this trip and I absolutely fell in love with them. So much so we amended our return trip to include a stop at Saguaro National Park. This memory is only slightly dampened by the fact that about 15 minutes after this picture was taken I discovered I had an ant in my pants that was biting me up my leg. I was really torn between the searing hot fire pain up my leg and laughing uncontrollably every time I said "ant in my pants".

We had heavy, heavy rains three of the four days we were in the desert. The desert is pretty miserable, temperature-wise, when it's a dry heat. Well, it was a wet-heat for us and it really sucked.

Days 7 - 11 - Finally to San Diego!

Waiting in the unbelievable line for the Futurama Panel followed by the Joss Whedon panel. Yeah, we're nerds.

road warriors! part 1

Chris and I recently got back from our yearly pilgrimage to Nerdi-Gras aka the San Diego Comic-Con. This year we decided to mix it up a bit and turned our normal 5 day San Diego trip into a 14 day road-trip extravaganza.. We hit parts of route 66, the grand canyon, San Diego and Roswell with stops at every national park, monument and roadside attraction we could fit in between. The trip was too much fun and I took far too many pictures (over 1000 alone that I’m getting developed – yikes!) to sum it all up here. But here are a few of my favorite pictures from our trip. Chris took a while to get into the road trip spirit, but by the end he had earned his road warrior badge.

Day 1 - Meramec Caverns - Missouri

World's Largest McDonalds - Oklahoma

Day 2 - Cadillac Ranch - Texas

Of course we left our mark!

Dinosaur Museum - New Mexico

Road weary = silly pictures!

Day 3 - Petrified Forest - Arizona