Sunday, July 16, 2006

bad advice

Yesterday was our third anniversary and this was my card from Chris. Most of you know that we spent our honeymoon at the San Deigo Comic-Con, but many of you may not know this story. Chris and I were married on a Tuesday (in Las Vegas), we drove to San Diego that next day for the Comic-Con and Chris had a portfolio review with a very well known comic book editor that Friday. This editor told Chris he wasn't quite there yet and Chris asked him for advice. His advice to my husband of three days was that he shouldn't have gotten married.


monkey said...

ooooo, what a jerk! had he even MET you?! you're so full of muse juice even *I* write songs about you and we haven't even "frenched" (not that i'd charge money for that, [considers it] eeeeww, i'd need years in therapy instead (no offense)).

clearly mr. poopypants is unloved and bitter.

monkey said...

augh! i just realized i forgot about your anniversary!

errrm, Happy Anniversary! 10 days late... :D