Wednesday, March 29, 2006

i married a comic book artist

I married a comic book artist. Trust me when I say that this lifestyle (and it is a lifestyle) has it's disadvantages. I hardly see my husband except when he emerges from his studio to eat or wash his brushes. I know way (way) more about superheros that I ever wanted to. I live in a house littered with action figures. And (here's where you really feel sorry for me) my honeymoon was spent at the San Diego Comic-Con.
But living with Chris has it's upside as well. I get homemade cards for my birthday and holidays. I get to brag about his amazing talent. There's always someone home for a repair guy to come. And I get notes in my lunch everyday. Here are my lunch notes.

For those of you wondering, Brady is my teddy bear. Bebe is my stuffed triceratops. They both wear socks.


Princess said...

The lunchnotes are adorable! You are so lucky to have such a talented husband!

laura said...

Thanks Mom ;)